SCOM Health check

A. Review the processes and documentation
B. SCOM Technical Health Check
C. Health Check Summary Report

Review monitoring process and documentation audit

One of the fundamental challenges for any business is to keep its IT infrastructure secure from current and future security threats which demands continuous monitoring and upgradation of its application.
However, it is also imperative to create a comprehensive build book document, to avoid the nuisance of a particular specialist. The documentation shell contains complete information about SCOM infrastructure design, Management packs and SQL Databases.
Unlike other applications, SCOM requires a good understanding of the product. We need to assess the organization’s staff, current knowledge, and capabilities.

SCOM Technical Health Check

Our expert will inspect your SCOM management pack completely to get a detail outline of SCOM’s health. Observations will be made from the perspective of health state, capacity, security, connectivity, versioning, redundancy, analysis of available logs and potential future threats targeted at the following subjects:

  • Keeping your SCOM Servers, Gateways and Agents healthy
  • Collaborating with Azure Monitor and Log Analytics
  • Obtain the best results from your highly available SCOM Databases
  • Monitoring the useful – A deep dive into your management packs and monitoring solutions
  • Considering the benefits of potential updates

Health Check Summary Report

A review of the monitoring process, documents, and health check help with the diligent technical analysis. Our health check evaluation report will also include a section on the staff’s current knowledge and capabilities within your organization. Skills are evaluated in the following categories

  • SCOM User Knowledge
  • SCOM Technical Management
  • SCOM Functional Management

The outcome is our Health Check Summary – A list of conclusions and recommendations, which will give insight in the required steps to bring your end-to-end business monitoring to a higher level which contains a comprehensive analysis and a list of suggestive actions based on the best practices. Either on site or remote our team will present the report and explore the options on how we can help you out to follow up the recommendations.  

Feel free to reach out to our team at to get started with a health check.

Technical Health Check

SCOMGURU expert will inspect your SCOM management bunch completely to get a decent outline of SCOM’s health. A portion of the perceptions are produced using the point of view of health state, network, capacity, performance, configuration, security, redundancy and analysis of available logs, targeted at the following subjects:

Monitoring process and documentation audit

In spite of the fact that innovation is an outright prerequisite for appropriate monitoring, the monitoring cycles and documentation are comparably significant. This review focuses on the following:

SCOM design, Installation and Utilization

  • Audit SCOM plan choices and documentation
  • Checking configuration record with existing documentation
  • Matching jobs and bligations
  • Revealing for valuable trend examination
  • Overseeing stake holder access
  • Keeping a solid environment
  • Utilizing maintenance mode the correct way

Management Pack tuning

  • Deciding your requirement for overrides and how to set them
  • Applying overrides through change management

Life cycle management

  • Taking into account the advantages of updated SCOM version
  • Picking the ideal Management Packs and staying up with the latest

Release availability

  • Ensure monitoring for new applications and services upon the day of delivery

Illuminating and heightening

  • Adjusting SCOM aleritng with Episode Management
  • Advising partners through various channels
  • Raising episodes without manual mediation

Reporting and presentation of gathered data

  • Work with alert, state, occasion and execution sees in an organized way.

Information evaluation

In addition to technical analysis and monitoring process our health check report will include a section on current knowledge and capabilities within user organization and those skills are evaluated in the following categories:

SCOM Client Information

  • Control center or dashboard route
  • Working with alarms
  • Working with reports
  • Working with execution sees

SCOM Specialized Management

  • Introducing and keeping up with management gatherings
  • Tuning on information base

SCOM Useful Management

  • Installing and keeping up with management packs
  • Creating and abrogating rules and monitors

Subsequent stages

Our expert, experienced with management gatherings, everything being equal, will dissect the accumulated information and change this into usable data.

The outcome is our Health Check Summary – A list of suggestions and conclusions, which will give you understanding in the necessary moves to bring your end to end business monitoring to a more elevated level. Either on location or remote, we will get some margin to introduce and talk about our Health Check Rundown with you, as well as exploring the options on how can we help you out to follow up on the recommendations.

Feel free to reach out to our team at to get started with health check.