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Workload Automation

Workload Automation (WLA) software orchestrates cross-platform processes and jobs from a centralized view with real-time scheduling that intelligently adjusts to your business needs.

SaaS-based Workload Automation Across

The Stonebranch Workload Automation solution helps organizations automate, manage, and orchestrate their IT processes. You can holistically control workflows across multiple platforms and business applications regardless of where the data resides. This is all done from a single SaaS or on-prem based platform, providing control across your entire IT environment.

As an evolution from traditional job scheduling, workload automation supports real-time business automation. This modern approach uses event-based automation that is both intelligent and intuitive. Gone are the days of batch jobs and daily plans. This is IT automation in real-time.

Services We Offer

Finally, a single platform of IT automation solutions that are event-based, respond intelligently to business needs, minimize human oversight, and run on-prem and in the cloud.

SCOM Monitoring System

SCOM, or System Center Operations Manager, is a monitoring solution from Microsoft

The Dude Monitoring Tool

The Dude is a network monitoring and management tool developed by MikroTik that helps organizations

CA Spectrum

CA Spectrum is a network monitoring and management tool developed by CA Technologies that helps 


SolarWinds is a network monitoring and management tool developed by SolarWinds that helps

Monitoring application for windows

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) by Microsoft, which offers comprehensive monitoring for

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SCOM automation using ORCHESTRATOR application

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